Monday, June 8, 2009

Trip to Cameron Highlands

My family and I visited Cameron Highlands last month. It’s kinda late for me to put this up, but I have to share it with you anyway. Hehe.

So we started our journey pretty late (11.00am, 2 May 09) and took a short break – well, nearly an hour – at Green View Garden, about 2.00pm. It was the first stop and we went excited for finally found one decent stop in the middle of uphill, and bought some “goodies” of course.

Bro & sis at Green View Garden

We continue our journey and found there are still lots of places of interest along the road, but we dare not stop a while because the road was so jam that we have to move like tortoise for another 2 hours, to reach Brinchang. We were tired and starving, the night market at Brinchang entrance greets us just in time, as well as the slight rain that started to pour. We did a little night market shopping in rain and go straight to our pre-booked apartment – Carnation Park Apartment.

Carnation Park Apartment

Once checked in, we decided that the first thing we gonna do is – COOK! Hah, we got all the fishballs, veges, stuffed tofu’s, stuffed chillies, crab sticks, cocktail sausages, instant noodles etc. for the “Rice Cooker Steamboat”, yummeh! What could be better than steamboating in the chilling environment like Cameron Highlands?

Kids were so excited especially when playing on the bed. Like they don’t have this kind of bed at home, heh. The rest of the night was spent with steamboat and teevee. Everyone was so tired to visit places around.

The next day, we took our breakfast and set to go for a series of visits. But before check out, how about a group photo, eh?

Group Photo

After check out, the first place we headed was the Bharat Tea Plantation. We planned to visit Boh tea plantation but we choose the nearer Bharat due to time constrain. The tea plantation was so wide and refreshing… and what are we waiting for, its photo-shooting time!

Bharat Tea Plantation

Traffic downhill was very smooth compared to the day before; I had a chance to snap a couple of photos when sister is feeding her Toyota Unser. Next stop, the Cactus Valley. There are a few cactus valleys here but we’re not sure which ones we went, we just get into whatever places we found on the way down.

Brinchang - Entrance of Cameron Highlands

After the cactus valley, we visited Butterfly Farm – where not only butterflies were exhibited. It seems like one of the butterfly species (that we often seen it on stamps) breeds really well compared to other species, they are everywhere in the farm. In another section of the farm, rare reptiles and insects were exhibited.

Cactus Valley

Butterfly Farm

We had enough with our visits, and the day is getting late. We go all the way down at 5.00pm to North-South expressway and stopped at Ipoh for dinner. Set at Ipoh old town, Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken (老黄芽菜鸡) seems to be a popular menu for travelers. I can’t join my family for the chicken, so I walked across the road for some food court goodies. But hey, guess what, there is bean sprout chicken rice available there too!

It's 8.30pm after we meet up again after dinner, and we continued our journey home. It was kind of rush for this trip because of public holiday and lack of proper planning, but we do have fun travel together. Considering RM800 for the overall expenses and divided among 4 siblings, RM200 is somewhat reasonable and encouraging budget for another family trip in near future - of course, different destination.

Apartment for 2D1N = RM400; Toll & fuel = RM100; Steamboat materials = RM80; Dried strawberries = RM12; Enhanced family relationships = PRICELESS.