Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ong Bak 2

Have anyone watched this movie yet?
If you not yet and plan to watch it, pls stop reading - or you'll get more curious to watch it. Heh!

Though I don't know what does "Ong Bak" means, but for sure this Ong Bak 2 (OB2) is not related to the 2003 film Ong Bak (OB): The background setting of OB2 was far before modern days in OB... the story happened in like Parameswara's Malacca Kingdom era. It also do not have explainations of any relationship of the characters in both movies. So, is OB2 a sequel, or actually a prequel of OB??? If its a prequel, why name it OB2... should be "Ong Bak: Episod 1" or "Ong Bak Begins" mah. Haha!!!

Wherever there's Tony Jaa, you can expect Muay Thai fighting scenes from him. Though he might wanted to add new things by using other fighting styles himself (chinese kenpo, japanese kenjutsu, silat etc), it would make it looked like a rojak film. Couldn't he make any new stunts from just Muay Thai itself?

According to Tony Jaa there will be Ong Bak 3 coming up (source: Wikipedia)... God knows what will happen then.

Personally, I still like Ong Bak and Tom Yam Goong better. Ong Bak 2 is a disappointment for me.

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Memang mudah.

I sold a pair of Nike court shoes which I never wear, just a day after I advertised it on mudah. I know this site before but was skeptical about it... until my friend sold his car on, making me wanna cuba nasib too - and it worked apparently, heh!

The next thing I'm gonna sell is the SDHC card I bought last year. Mwahaha!
(only if people wanna buy it, hehe)

Oh, the URL is

Macam-macam ada....

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Here I Come!

Hi all!
Never thought that I will create a blog and become a 部落客 (blogger).
Let's see how long I can remain here haha.

Heh, apek nih, dah tua baru nak blogging... kpd yg fasih, silalah beri tunjuk ajar kt saya.

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