Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mnunggu Kelahiran Cahayamataku Yg Pertama...............

hari ni dh 36mingu isteriku mengandung............doktor bg due date 19.0ct.2011,so lg berapa mingu je lg aku dh nk jd DADDY.........xsbr rasanya nk mnunggu babyku lahir....baru2 ni aku p scan doktor ckp aku bkal dpt ank lelaki....

kesian aku tgk my wife ssh nk bgerak sbb perut dh makin memboyot......tiap hr aku risau nk tglkn isteriku sorg2 kt umah,nmpknya minggu dpn aku n isteri akn blk kg jemput tok n wan duduk dgn kami smpi isteriku selamat bsalin.....
persiapan utk myambut klahiran baby semua dh ciap hehe.....nsb fmly byk mmbntu dlm pyediaan kperluan baby.......
diusiaku 35thn aku bersyukur padamu Ya ALLAH kerana memberikn aku peluang menjadi seorg SUAMI n BAPA.........
buat isteriku tercinta,thanks bby krn mjadi isteri yg taat n  bakal mlahirkn ank sbgai pelengkap rumahtangga kte.......

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Transformers Collection Update: Q4 2010

It's time to update my Transformers collection since last post Transformers - New Comers on 30 oct 2010. :)

There have been quite a number of new additions. I'll go through them with simple descriptions, and will separate into 2 parts (Q4 2010 and Q1 2011) for not to make this post long and bored.

November 2010
First up, Return of the Fallen (ROTF) Shanghai Showdown two-pack with Demolishor and Ice Cream Truck twins - Skids & Mudflap. Not really aiming to buy Demolishor nor the twins, its the offer price that beats me to it: RM79.90 for a voyager & deluxe 2pack, OK what.

Ice cream Truck (Skids & Mudflap) and Demolishor, vehicle mode

Ice cream Truck Skids (left) & Mudflap (right), robot mode

Demolishor robot mode

It turns out worthwhile for the 2pack as Demolishor is very flexible and high playability. Ice cream Truck is nice posing with other deluxe car as well. Playing around with Demolishor's flexibility:

Some of Demolishor's alternate modes (fictional)

Second is Hunt for the Decepticons (HFTD) legends Ravage. Been looking for this since the New Comers entry and finally got it with a fair price. Nice little feline Decepticon.

Sneaky Ravage...

Re-entry mode (when launched by Soundwave and entering Earth)

December 2010
Early December, bought ROTF deluxe Deep Desert Brawl and ROTF voyager Starscream at with cheap price (China Hasbro version), only to find Starscream with several loose joints and flaws... but overall okay for the price I paid for. :p However, will not buy China version TF in future lol.

Starscream with Deep Desert Brawl, vehicle mode

Starscream with Deep Desert Brawl, robot mode

Started by collecting only movie line, Generations line deluxe Drift catches my eyes with his sword & double blades. Aquiring Drift leads to acquire another sword-wielding figure, ROTF voyager Bludgeon. Main pedang hehe.

Bludgeon vs Drift, vehicle mode

Bludgeon vs Drift, robot mode

Next, found Desert Decimation 4pack when visiting Toys 'R' Us... pick it up after a few thoughts as I already have 3 of the 4 legends figure, only in different color (redeco). The one I don't have is Bonecrusher. Quite satisfy as also in the 4pack included Ironhide in it's original black color. :)

Clockwise from bottom left: Ironhide, Ratchet, Bonecrusher & Brawl, vehicle mode

Left to right: Ironhide, Ratchet, Bonecrusher & Brawl, robot mode

December 2010 also is the month of most moassive haul in my history of collecting Transformers. Total of 8 figures (2 voyagers, 2 deluxes and 4 legends) acquired in this single month. #_#

So that's the 1st part update of my Transformers collection. Stay tuned for part 2: Q1 2011 update. :)

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Due to my own carelessness, I became a victim of lost & found. So what's the LOS and what's the FAUN?

Date: 5 Mar 2011, Sat
Item: beg duit with duit
Place: ATM Maybank Kamunting branch, Kamunting

Date: 7 Mar 2011, Mon
Item: beg duit without duit
Place: Balai Polis Trafik Daerah Kerian, Bagan Serai

My wallet has traveled about 30km from where it lost. The following map will give you an idea how far it travels:
click to enlarge

I made a police report on Saturday, and go back to Penang on Sunday night. Next noon, received call from sister that there's a note stick on gate saying wallet being found, and asked to collect at "Balai Polis Trafik Daerah Kerian".

Have to take half day leave to go to Traffic division near IPD Kerian to retrieve the cashless wallet. I rushed back to hometown the same day, hope to see the bank's CCTV recording when the event took place; but unfortunately it's bank closing time.

Why Bagan Serai? My assumption is it was where the thief / theives came from (or pass by from northern), visit Kamunting (Lake Garden, Zoo, Tesco, Giant, Taiping Sentral Mall etc), found my wallet, go back to (or pass by) Bagan Serai, took the cash, and throw it there.

Really disappointed with the person that took my wallet when I'm not aware. People are getting greedy nowadays. You can get away with the cash, but you know that the illicit cash will bring you destitution... it's not a curse but BALASAN.

Come to think of it, I'm considered lucky for the FAUN part. I would have running up and down to JPN, JPJ and banks for the lost documents. :)

p.s. Note to self: Be careful next time, don't let loose of my wallet or history will repeat itself.

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Friday, February 11, 2011


Aku mengenali isteriku diruangan alam maya(facebook)pd 28.1.2010.....selama pkenalan kami,kami hnya berhubung melalui hanset n facebook...aku pertama kali berjumpa isteriku semasa aku melawat mak dia yg sakit dihospital sultanah bahiyah alor setar pd 5.9.2010..itulah pertemuan pertama kami.....setelah 9bln kami mengenali hati budi dlm fbk/hanset kami mengikat tali pertunangan pd 31.10.2010,....pd 3.12.2010 aku sah menjadi suami kepada insan yg amat aku cintai NOR SYAFAWATI AZMI....majlis perkahwinan kami berlangsung pd 23.12.2010........Aku bahagia sgt setelah sekian lama aku hidup membujang aku kini miliki sebuah keluarga yg bahagia bersama isteri tercinta....pd 27.12.2010 genap umurku 35tahun....pd tarikh itu juga kami honeymoon dimelaka...aku bawa isteriku kemelaka utk honeymoon n berjumpa kwn2 sekerja dia dulu...kami menginap di chalet berdekatan dgn pantai klebang.......

1.1.2011 aku membawa isteriku tinggal dirumah aku dipenang....isteriku kini dah xkerja lg dia menjadi surirumah tangga sepenuh sgt dpt bini sbb sgala keperluan aku dijaga olehnya hehehehe...........

3.2.2011 CHINESE NEW YEAR tahun ni aku bawa isteriku balik taiping sambut bersama fmly aku lgpun 3.2.2011 juga adalah birthday isteriku yg ke27tahun hehehe.........

ok lah utk kali ni aku tulis dlm blog ni k...lain kali aku tulis lg hehehe.........

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Transformers - New Comers

Almost a year I haven't update about my Transformers action figures since Sideswipe at here on blogspot, sometimes I update on my facebook photo album Transformers Collection, but that was like about 11 months ago.

Stopped for a while around Q2 until Q4 2010, I spotted some fresh addition on store shelves, and continued to collect some of them. Among all, here are the latest collection:

Let me guess... Bumblebee?
Bravo! (who don't know him anyway?)

Latest addition to the crew, Battle Blade Bumblebee. Bumblebee is by far the Transformers movie figure that having most variants (redeco, retool etc). Hasbro really know how to make money out of him haha. I already have a variant named Alliance Bumblebee, but what makes me interested on this Battle Blade variant was the total resculpt of the figure, using no parts from previous release. Plus, Battle Blade Bumblebee is said to be the most "movie accurate" among all Bees.

Speaking of Transformers, who could forget Optimus Prime's Weapon Specialist and Medical Officer? Those 2 were released in Legends and Voyager classes previously, until recently they were available in Deluxe class (which means, cheaper... hehe).

Ironhide (GMC Topkick pickup truck) and Ratchet (Hummer H2 SUV)

Too bad Deluxe Ironhide doesn't have big cannons on his arms, only a small cannon on his right arm and a missile turret on his left. Ironically, Ratchet has bigger weapon - EMP blast missile launcher. These 2 also said to be very movie accurate compared to bigger-sized Voyager class, most notable on Rachet's leg: Deluxe class features slim and shaped leg while Voyager class with huge and squared legs.

There goes the Deluxe class figures... here are 3 new Legends class figures:

Top: Soundwave (Satellite);
Left: Jolt (Chevrolet Volt); Right: Arcee (Ducati 848)

I've been looking for Jolt for quite some time, and finally got him recently. Not that he's cool or something, I just wanted to complete the Legends class collection... my next target: Legends Ravage. Soundwave in robot mode looks kinda like Gundam rather than Transformers, while Arcee looks big as a motorcycle compared to Jolt. But the size is not that crucial for me anyway.

And finally, the big guy Long Haul:

Long Haul (Caterpillar 773B dump truck)

Got this Voyager class Long Haul from a hobby store in mall, with about 20% off normal price. He's the 2nd Voyager figure besides Optimus Prime. There are plenty of Voyager class figure in that store for sale but I don't know why I picked him, maybe my collection is lack of Decepticons (seriously, especially Deluxe class).

Here's a quicklist of my current collection:
Voyager class: 2
Deluxe class: 6
Legends class: 25

Autobots: 17 (Voyager 1, Deluxe 5, Legends 11)
Decepticons: 16 (Voyager 1, Deluxe 1, Legends 14)

Long Haul: "Come here boy, let me tear you down!"
Ironhide: "Ask my tiny cannon first, punkhead!"

p.s. All photos (except Legends) shot in dark room with spot... I mean torchlight (LED torchlight). Camera set to flash off and playing around with various exposure. Of course photo editing software does the best job, hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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