Monday, November 30, 2009

Sideswipe Acquired

Autobot Sideswipe

Car Mode (Corvette Stingray concept)

Another member in the Deluxe list, Sideswipe! Got it from a local ebay reseller with pretty good price, RM65.00. Considering the retail price of RM59.90 at super/hypermarkets and the effort to search for it (this guy is rare), RM65 is definitely the best deal I can get. Plus, the shipping fee is FREE... woot woot!

Its transformation is complicated than Barricade and I really like the transforming mechanism behind this action figure, although its robot mode has rather huge "back pack" - the car hood that flipped into his back (macam budak2 dgn beg sekolah gergasi...) which will make it off-balance and difficult to stand.

Well that's it... I don't know whether its the end of my Transformers collection, perhaps I will find something that catches my eyes and ended up become part in my list. Heheh, but for now, my wallet need a rest.



Tupai Karan said...

amboih dah memulakan koleksi baru plaks.. another addiction heheh

pricon said...

Haha... addiction yg amat menyakitkan beg duit berbanding Tekken.