Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Loving Memory of...

...My Wira (Jul 2001- Dec 2009)

Today is my last day driving that car. Tomorrow onwards it will be under other people's possession. Coincidently, today is also the last day of Islamic calendar year of 1430. Tomorrow is Awal Muharram, 1st day for the Islamic year of 1431.

The number plate was covered so that if you're looking for a 2nd hand Wira Aeroback, you won't know which is mine... thus reduce my risk of being blamed for not taking care of my car properly. Heheh! Also, sorry to disappoint those who sensitive to numbers. I don't want my car, opss, I mean ex-car to become your fortune making tool.

This humble car had served me for a long 8 ½ years, while I struggled for 6 ½ years for its loan. So many sweet and bitter memories with it... it brought me to places, made my life a lot easier - though sometimes it would give me hard time, enhanced relationship with friends (through the car, not in the car, okay?) and family, and many many more. I don't know how to describe my feelings now, but -

I will be missing you, my friend. Sayonara.

Oh, not to forget... Happy New Year to all my Muslim friends, and happy holiday to all my Non-Muslim friends too. So... new year, new hope? Perhaps, Insya'Allah.


Tupai said...

abih tu? da bli keta baru ka?

pricon said...

lom lagi... sementara ni jd mat motor lak. :)