Saturday, November 21, 2009

Transformers Collection

I am Decepticon Barricade!

Alternate Mode (Saleen S281 Police Car)

Barricade ("Interrogator Barricade" to be exact) is the first Deluxe class Transformers figure in my collection list. My first collections were Legends class Animated Transformers Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Starscream. Let me explain a little about the classes:

Legends - smallest and easy to transform (level 2 out of 4), size of about a finger length, price RM19.90
Deluxe - intermediate size, advanced tranform (level 3 out of 4), size of about a canned softdrinks, price RM59.90

There are other classes also like Scout (size in between Legends and Deluxe), Voyager (bigger than Deluxe), Leader (bigger and with sound/light) etc.

As you can see, I first collect Legends class and now might start collecting Deluxe class, because my next target is Deluxe Sideswipe:

Sideswipe (taken form Wikipedia)

Sideswipe action figure is rather hard to find, it was released around Jun 09 (1st wave, together with other 3 figures). I think its getting rare in the market now, some resellers even mark up the price close to RM100. Sideswipe's alternate mode (Corvette Stingray concept car) doesn't attract me much coz there are alot of crack lines, but its robot mode is easily the coolest among Autobots - just look at his skating feet and the blades.

Owh, my brithday is close, I would appreciate if you buy me Deluxe Sideswipe as birthday gift. Haha!