Saturday, October 30, 2010

Transformers - New Comers

Almost a year I haven't update about my Transformers action figures since Sideswipe at here on blogspot, sometimes I update on my facebook photo album Transformers Collection, but that was like about 11 months ago.

Stopped for a while around Q2 until Q4 2010, I spotted some fresh addition on store shelves, and continued to collect some of them. Among all, here are the latest collection:

Let me guess... Bumblebee?
Bravo! (who don't know him anyway?)

Latest addition to the crew, Battle Blade Bumblebee. Bumblebee is by far the Transformers movie figure that having most variants (redeco, retool etc). Hasbro really know how to make money out of him haha. I already have a variant named Alliance Bumblebee, but what makes me interested on this Battle Blade variant was the total resculpt of the figure, using no parts from previous release. Plus, Battle Blade Bumblebee is said to be the most "movie accurate" among all Bees.

Speaking of Transformers, who could forget Optimus Prime's Weapon Specialist and Medical Officer? Those 2 were released in Legends and Voyager classes previously, until recently they were available in Deluxe class (which means, cheaper... hehe).

Ironhide (GMC Topkick pickup truck) and Ratchet (Hummer H2 SUV)

Too bad Deluxe Ironhide doesn't have big cannons on his arms, only a small cannon on his right arm and a missile turret on his left. Ironically, Ratchet has bigger weapon - EMP blast missile launcher. These 2 also said to be very movie accurate compared to bigger-sized Voyager class, most notable on Rachet's leg: Deluxe class features slim and shaped leg while Voyager class with huge and squared legs.

There goes the Deluxe class figures... here are 3 new Legends class figures:

Top: Soundwave (Satellite);
Left: Jolt (Chevrolet Volt); Right: Arcee (Ducati 848)

I've been looking for Jolt for quite some time, and finally got him recently. Not that he's cool or something, I just wanted to complete the Legends class collection... my next target: Legends Ravage. Soundwave in robot mode looks kinda like Gundam rather than Transformers, while Arcee looks big as a motorcycle compared to Jolt. But the size is not that crucial for me anyway.

And finally, the big guy Long Haul:

Long Haul (Caterpillar 773B dump truck)

Got this Voyager class Long Haul from a hobby store in mall, with about 20% off normal price. He's the 2nd Voyager figure besides Optimus Prime. There are plenty of Voyager class figure in that store for sale but I don't know why I picked him, maybe my collection is lack of Decepticons (seriously, especially Deluxe class).

Here's a quicklist of my current collection:
Voyager class: 2
Deluxe class: 6
Legends class: 25

Autobots: 17 (Voyager 1, Deluxe 5, Legends 11)
Decepticons: 16 (Voyager 1, Deluxe 1, Legends 14)

Long Haul: "Come here boy, let me tear you down!"
Ironhide: "Ask my tiny cannon first, punkhead!"

p.s. All photos (except Legends) shot in dark room with spot... I mean torchlight (LED torchlight). Camera set to flash off and playing around with various exposure. Of course photo editing software does the best job, hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)