Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Think It's Yours?

This morning I parked my car on an empty parking lot in front of a hair saloon, few shop lots away from my office. Nothing seems wrong when you park your car in front of a shop (unless it's a car workshop... hehe), isn't it? But the hair saloon owner says:


So, he thinks the parking lot in front of his hair saloon belongs to him automatically? Come on man, you want the parking lot, come early and park your car there lah.

The notice was stick onto windscreen with adhesive tape. While he could just hold the notice with wipers, he chose to use adhesive tape... what an aggressive way of disapproval. I didn't confront him and ask why he does that. Perhaps he really bought / rented that parking lot from MPPP, but there is no sign that says this parking lot is reserved by him. If he really doesn't want people to park on his parking lot, by all means go ahead and barricade it... who cares.

Ironically I just visited this hair saloon last week... so I guess it's a "no next time" from me after today's incident. He may not know it was my car when he stick the notice, but doing that on other people belonging is definitely not right. Of course lah I won't tell everybody "hey don't go to this hair saloon!" (haha... really ah?) but it definitely won't be in the recommended list. Heh.

If you're curious and would like to know where is this hair saloon located, here is the location map:


Tupai Karan said...

so rude.. there are better ways to tegur people kalau dia tak puas hati tp cara ni provoke gile. busuk tul.

nape tak cedok ja dia haha..

thanksq? hoh word of the day.

pricon said...

Yup... xpa dia kna dgn gentleman mcm aku (ehem...), klu tak dah comfirm kedai kna simbah cat merah heheh.

haha nasib baik tak tulih "thanksq u"... boleh kalahkan raja lawak beb.