Friday, January 22, 2010

Mr. Potato

Without my notice (until now), today I consumed more potatoes than I usually did:

Lunch: Mixed rice at Malay food stall
Potato Content: Few pieces of curry potatoes & 1 piece of Bergedil (potato patties)

Bergedil (Potato Patties) taken from Resipi Diana

Dinner: Tower X Meal at KFC
Potato Content: Fun fries & Hash brown inside Zinger Tower

Tower X Meal

I don't know if the meals above hit the carbohydrate intake limit (if it exists) for today, but potato is always my choice of food, and junk food. Oh, I might as well grab a Mister Potato chips on my way back to make it... more POTATO, huh? Heheh.

Nevertheless, being called / nicknamed POTATO in Chinese is not something to be proud of, as it means dumb / idiot. Speaking of which, I do feel pretty dumb lately... hmmmm, I wonder.