Friday, August 28, 2009


My car has never been this racy before - with its exhaust pipe vrooming out loud.

Okay, now we got the sound... how about the pickup? It was even underpower than before. Its like a Chinese proverb “雷声大雨点小”, which means “loud thunder small raindrops”... -_-“

So I went to a workshop nearby. The mechanic jacked up my car and revealed the truth about that racing sound - a broken exhaust pipe. I thought the exhaust pipe was leaking, but the welding joint of the filter (that was what the mechanic called it) was detached.

The broken exhaust pipe

How was it broken? I don’t know… its been 8 years already I’m using this car, and one by one of its parts is having problem in recent years: alternator (RM340), radiator water tank (RM180), spark plug coil & cable (RM320), and now the exhaust pipe.

Just for my own record, this time the repairing cost is RM150.