Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Time passing really fast, its the end of year 2009 now.

We just have Muslim New Year (1hb Awal Muharram, 1431) 2 weeks ago, now we are at Gregorian New Year (January 1st, 2010) and will be celebrating Chinese New Year (庚寅虎年 正月初一) in 1½ months time.

So we have 3 New Years in 2 month's time... wasn't that made Malaysia special?

Happy New Year 2010!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

In Loving Memory of...

...My Wira (Jul 2001- Dec 2009)

Today is my last day driving that car. Tomorrow onwards it will be under other people's possession. Coincidently, today is also the last day of Islamic calendar year of 1430. Tomorrow is Awal Muharram, 1st day for the Islamic year of 1431.

The number plate was covered so that if you're looking for a 2nd hand Wira Aeroback, you won't know which is mine... thus reduce my risk of being blamed for not taking care of my car properly. Heheh! Also, sorry to disappoint those who sensitive to numbers. I don't want my car, opss, I mean ex-car to become your fortune making tool.

This humble car had served me for a long 8 ½ years, while I struggled for 6 ½ years for its loan. So many sweet and bitter memories with it... it brought me to places, made my life a lot easier - though sometimes it would give me hard time, enhanced relationship with friends (through the car, not in the car, okay?) and family, and many many more. I don't know how to describe my feelings now, but -

I will be missing you, my friend. Sayonara.

Oh, not to forget... Happy New Year to all my Muslim friends, and happy holiday to all my Non-Muslim friends too. So... new year, new hope? Perhaps, Insya'Allah.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Sideswipe Acquired

Autobot Sideswipe

Car Mode (Corvette Stingray concept)

Another member in the Deluxe list, Sideswipe! Got it from a local ebay reseller with pretty good price, RM65.00. Considering the retail price of RM59.90 at super/hypermarkets and the effort to search for it (this guy is rare), RM65 is definitely the best deal I can get. Plus, the shipping fee is FREE... woot woot!

Its transformation is complicated than Barricade and I really like the transforming mechanism behind this action figure, although its robot mode has rather huge "back pack" - the car hood that flipped into his back (macam budak2 dgn beg sekolah gergasi...) which will make it off-balance and difficult to stand.

Well that's it... I don't know whether its the end of my Transformers collection, perhaps I will find something that catches my eyes and ended up become part in my list. Heheh, but for now, my wallet need a rest.


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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Transformers Collection

I am Decepticon Barricade!

Alternate Mode (Saleen S281 Police Car)

Barricade ("Interrogator Barricade" to be exact) is the first Deluxe class Transformers figure in my collection list. My first collections were Legends class Animated Transformers Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Starscream. Let me explain a little about the classes:

Legends - smallest and easy to transform (level 2 out of 4), size of about a finger length, price RM19.90
Deluxe - intermediate size, advanced tranform (level 3 out of 4), size of about a canned softdrinks, price RM59.90

There are other classes also like Scout (size in between Legends and Deluxe), Voyager (bigger than Deluxe), Leader (bigger and with sound/light) etc.

As you can see, I first collect Legends class and now might start collecting Deluxe class, because my next target is Deluxe Sideswipe:

Sideswipe (taken form Wikipedia)

Sideswipe action figure is rather hard to find, it was released around Jun 09 (1st wave, together with other 3 figures). I think its getting rare in the market now, some resellers even mark up the price close to RM100. Sideswipe's alternate mode (Corvette Stingray concept car) doesn't attract me much coz there are alot of crack lines, but its robot mode is easily the coolest among Autobots - just look at his skating feet and the blades.

Owh, my brithday is close, I would appreciate if you buy me Deluxe Sideswipe as birthday gift. Haha!

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri

Berlalulah sudah Ramadhan, sebulan berpuasa
Tiba Syawal kita rayakan, dengan rasa gembira
Anak muda di rantauan, semuanya pulang ke desa
Ibu dan ayah keriangan, bersyukur tak terkira...

Lagu Suasana Hari Raya nyanyian Anuar dan Elina merupakan lagu raya kegemaran aku dari dulu. Begitu juga beberapa lagu klasik yg lain: Cahaya Aidilfitri (Black Dog Bone), Balik Kampung (Allahyarham Sudirman), Satu Hati Di Hari Raya (M. Nasir), Kupohon Restu Ayah Bonda (Mamat Exist), Aidilfitri (Sanisah Huri)... memang terasa suasana hari raya dgn adanya lagu2 raya ni.

Gambar dipetik dari Flickr didaijau

Sesudah sebulan berpuasa, kini Syawal bakal menjelma dan kita akan rayakan Aidilfitri esok hari, insya'Allah. Di sini aku ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua Muslimin dan Muslimah yg menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Andai ada yg tersilap kata, tersalah tulisan, atau perbuatan yg menyinggung perasaan, Kupohon Maaf dari korang.

Oh, tak lupa juga kawan2 non Muslim, Selamat Bercuti yer.

Bagi yg travel, tak kiralah balik kampung ke, melawat saudara-mara ke, pulang ke tempat kerja ke, berhati-hatilah semasa memandu dan berehatlah di pusat R&R utk menyegarkan diri. Okeylah tak nak meleter kat sini, lagipun pesanan sebegini kan banyak kat tivi hehe.

Tahun ini seperti biasa aku akan beraya kat Penang dan balik Taiping sebelah petang, tak lah sesak sgt kat highway huhuhu. Cuti raya singkat jer, raya ke lima dah start kerja balik... nak simpan cuti utk Chinese New Year nanti ngeh3... bukan apa, CNY mmg meriah sket bg keluarga aku berbanding Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

OK last sekali enjoylah nikmat Aidilfitri tapi jgn sampai lupa dunia pula... kang sakit perut dek makan kuih raya bebanyak kang, siapa susah? Heheh. Opsss, baru jer meminta maaf aku buat lagi. Harap Maaf...

Salam Aidilfitri dari,
Haris Danial

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


小妹和Linda (未经Linda许可,不便露其面目)









加油, がんばって!!!

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Friday, August 28, 2009


My car has never been this racy before - with its exhaust pipe vrooming out loud.

Okay, now we got the sound... how about the pickup? It was even underpower than before. Its like a Chinese proverb “雷声大雨点小”, which means “loud thunder small raindrops”... -_-“

So I went to a workshop nearby. The mechanic jacked up my car and revealed the truth about that racing sound - a broken exhaust pipe. I thought the exhaust pipe was leaking, but the welding joint of the filter (that was what the mechanic called it) was detached.

The broken exhaust pipe

How was it broken? I don’t know… its been 8 years already I’m using this car, and one by one of its parts is having problem in recent years: alternator (RM340), radiator water tank (RM180), spark plug coil & cable (RM320), and now the exhaust pipe.

Just for my own record, this time the repairing cost is RM150.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


This year's Merdeka marks 52 years of independance.
Let's wave our National Flag in our blog and hope the best for our country...

Also for my Muslim brothers and sisters, Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan dan Selamat menjalani ibadah Puasa.

Happy Ramadhan© pricon @ 2006

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rokok dan Yasin

Klip iklan anti-rokok dari Jak TV

Merokok membahayakan kesihatan. Satu mesej yg disampaikan Kementerian Kesihatan. Mesejnya ringkas, disertakan fakta2 dan mudah difahami. Tetapi mengapa masih ramai yg merokok? Jangan salah faham dan anggap aku ni aktivis anti-rokok, sebenarnya aku ada ramai kawan2 yg merokok.

Bak kata orang: masing-masing punya hak, aku jarang menasihatkan kawan2 utk berhenti merokok. Lagipun siapa aku ni nak nasihat-nasihat ni kan? Hangpa bukan budak kecik lagi, boleh menilai sendiri mana yg baik mana yg buruk...

"dah sangkut, apa boleh buat?"

Ye lah tu. Aku bukan apa, janji hangpa jgn menghembus asap rokok kat muka aku dah kira OK lah. Aku tak kisah satu meja dgn hangpa masa time sembang-menyembang kat warung (ewah, macam dah byk berkorban...), aku tak kisah duduk satu rumah dgn perokok (housemate aku perokok) tapi yg aku tak tahan, sikap2 sesetengah perokok yg penting diri seperti berikut:

Merokok di dalam lif. Tak kiralah hangpa hisap ke tak (ada yg anggap kalau aku cuma pegang je depa tak kisah kot), bau asapnya tetap susah nak tahan dlm ruang kecil itu. Lagi geram apabila lif dah sampai, bau rokoknya kuat dan perokoknya tidak kelihatan. Grrr...

Membuang abu rokok semasa memandu. Wah bukan main macho lagi sambil memandu kereta / menunggang motosikal sambil hisap rokok. Ada style. Tapi tahukah hangpa disebalik style hangpa ada penunggang motosikal di belakang, yg muka dan bajunya dah terlekat abu rokok hangpa? Bukan saja abu rokok, puting rokok pun hangpa buang kat tengah jalan.

Merokok dlm bilik berhawa dingin. Sering kali aku online kat restoran nasi kandar (ya, aku tak beli Streamyx @ broadbrand lain, mmg kedekut!), kawasan WiFi terletak dlm bilik hawa dingin. Ada pula perokok nak berWiFi sambil merokok, berbau asaplah satu bilik tu. Apa boleh buat, atas meja dlm bilik tu dah siap ada bekas abu rokok, "maksudnya boleh merokok lah, kalau tidak kenapa nak letak bekas?" padahal tanda dilarang merokok pada dinding tidak dipedulikannya.

Membuang kotak rokok kosong merata tempat. Perkara ini taklah sentitif sangat bg aku sebelum ni, tapi semenjak Kerajaan letak gambar barah di kotak rokok, gambar barah menjijikkan yg mampu menghilangkan selera makan sering aku jumpa atas lantai restoran... baru nak order dah tak berselera. Lagi teruk, bakul motorsikal aku pun turut dijadikan bakul sampah: dahlah merokok atas motor aku, habis-habis rokok kotak dibuangnya ke dlm bakul.

Katakan Tak Nak!
Gambar hiasan dipetik dari Kementerian Kesihatan

OK setakat ni aje lah aku mengkondem perokok2 tidak beretika... kalau hangpa kenalan aku tolong jgn kecik ati yer, aku tau hangpa tak pernah buat aku macam yg aku tulis di atas. Renung-renungkanlah keburukan rokok dan kalau boleh, berhentilah... antara alasan2 yg hangpa patut berhenti merokok:

Fatwa menyatakan rokok adalah Haram di dlm Islam. Pada 23 Mac 1995, Muzakarah Jawatankuasa Fatwa, Majlis Kebangsaan Hal Ehwal Islam Malaysia Kali Ke-37 telah memutuskan bahawa tabiat merokok itu adalah haram menurut pandangan Islam. Sedihnya fatwa ini tidak diambil peduli. Sering kali aku melihat umat Islam melangkah keluar dari masjid lepas solat, pintu masjid pun belum sampai bibir dah melekat rokok sebatang. Lagi sedih apabila melihat ada yg sanggup berbuka puasa dgn sebatang rokok di bulan Ramadhan. Yoga boleh diharamkan, kenapa rokok tidak? (kenapa Yoga diungkit yer, aku pun tak tau... bagi contoh jer.)

Kandungan toksik rokok. Fakta yg dah basi dan diketahui orang ramai. Perlukah aku explain kat sini? Oh tidak, hangpa lebih tau dari aku. Barangkali kita dah lali dgn fakta ini, macamlah bahan2 kimia dlm rokok cuma "acah aje".

Mahukah hangpa melihat anak hangpa merokok? Bagaimana kita nak suruh anak2 kita jgn merokok sedangkan kita sendiri yg merokok? Melainkan itu yg kita mahu... "Wah anak aku pandai, kecik2 dah reti merokok. Bangga, bangga."

Membazir duit. Selalu dengar keluhan kawan2 harga rokok naik, terpaksa cari alternatif lain (bukan alternatif berhenti merokok yer kawan2, tapi jenama yg lebih murah seperti Gudang Garam ataupun rokok daun)... tapi tetap merokok juga. Kan baik kalau dapat jimat dgn berhenti merokok, boleh belanja aku makan. Heh!

Banyak lagi alasan utk hangpa berhenti rokok, kalau alasan yg utama di atas tidak dapat memujuk hangpa dari berhenti, tiada apa boleh dilakukan kecuali berhenti atas kerelaan / kesedaran sendiri.

Berikut merupakan senario merokok di Malaysia yg dipetik dari Kementerian Kesihatan:

  • Hampir separuh daripada lelaki Malaysia merokok.

  • Setiap hari, lebih kurang 45 hingga 50 remaja di bawah umur 18 tahun mula merokok.

  • 30% daripada remaja lelaki berumur 12 hingga 18 tahun merokok.

  • Bilangan remaja perempuan yang merokok semakin bertambah. Hasil daripada dua kajian ke atas remaja yang dijalankan dalam tahun 2000 dan 2004, bilangan remaja perempuan yang merokok telah bertambah dari 4% hingga 8%. Secara keseluruhannya, kajian dalam tahun 2004 mendapati bahawa hampir seorang daripada lima orang remaja adalah perokok.

  • Kes kanser paru-paru telah bertambah dengan kadar 17% setahun.

  • Tabiat merokok dipercayai akan menyebabkan hampir setengah juta kes penyakit koronari (jantung).

  • Berdasarkan Kajian Morbiditi dan Kesihatan Kebangsaan Ke-2 yang dijalankan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia dalam tahun 1996, tabiat merokok menyebabkan kematian lebih kurang 10,000 orang setahun.

  • Apakah fakta2 ini relevan bagi hangpa? Bagi aku semuanya tak relevan kalau kita masih mengabaikan bahayanya rokok terhadap masyarakat.

    Katakan Tak Nak!

    Sekali lagi aku jelaskan: Aku bukan aktivis anti-rokok.

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    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Yong Tau Foo

    Dua hari yg lalu, saya pergi ke tempat pelanggan dan sesudah kerja disiapkan, saya pun bertolak balik ke pejabat. Tengok jam tangan, dah hampir waktu makan tengah hari… “Nak makan kat mana ek?” Soalan ini berpusing-pusing dalam kepala, masih tak pasti nak makan kat mana. Pusing punya pusing, berlalu pula dekat pasaraya Giant Bayan Baru, “Ah-hah, tempat ber-aircond dan parking percuma. Jom!”

    Pasaraya Besar Giant Bayan Baru
    Gambar dipetik dari Les Chang at Panoramio

    Naik ke tingkat satu, terletaknya medan selera yg menyediakan berbagai pilihan makanan seperti Nasi Ayam, Mee Hotplate / Claypot, Nasi / Mee Goreng dan sebagainya, tapi kedai Yong Tau Foo menarik perhatian saya, “Dah lama tak makan Yong Tau Foo, boleh try ni”.

    Yong Tau Foo @ Giant Bayan Baru

    Maka beraturlah saya menunggu giliran, maklumlah lunch time ni ramai orang. Melihat sekeliling medan selera, hampir kesemua meja telah diduduki pelanggan... bungkus aje lah, boleh buat rakan sekerja jealous pulak pada masa yg sama, ahaks.

    Beraneka pilihan Yong Tau Foo

    Bermacam-macam pilihan Yong Tau Foo di kedai ni: fucuk goreng, fucuk berisi ikan, wantan goreng, bebola/jejari ikan, sosej, jejari ketam, cendawan, sayur-sayuran dan dumpling... hei, “siew mai” pun ada! 7 bahan saya pilih dan sekali dengan Kuey Teow serta sup Tomyam, semuanya RM7.00. Pelanggan akan ditanya apa jenis sup yg dimahukan, antaranya sup ayam, kari, tomyam dan satu lagi dah lupa (rasa2nya sos pekat kot). Saya pilih tomyam dan rupa-rupanya sup tomyam = sup ayam + bes tomyam. Haha, cepat dan mudah... kalian jangan tengok supnya nampak jernih, rasa tomyamnya cukup meletup owh!

    Tomyam Yong Tau Foo - My Lunch!
    Ta-da... Tomyam Yong Tau Foo! Nampak sedap kan?

    Yong Tau Foo

    Yong Tau Foo (釀豆腐) bermaksud “Tauhu Berinti”, merupakan makanan Hakka dimana tauhu dipotong dan disumbat dengan isi ikan yg dikisar, lebih kurang seperti Tauhu Sumbat, cuma bahan intinya berlainan. Selain daripada tauhu, cili, bendi, terung dan peria turut merupakan bahan yg lazim disumbat isi ikan atau ayam dalam Yong Tau Foo.

    Yong Tau Foo
    Gambar dipetik dari Flickr maes2rah

    Yong Tau Foo dalam masyarakat Cina berlainan dengan yg terdapat dalam masyarakat Melayu, sebab utamanya agak jelas: daging yg digunakan. Oleh itu menu bagi pengusaha Yong Tau Foo Melayu agak terbatas, tetapi ianya unik dari segi sos pekat yg dicicah Yong Tau Foo - tidak terdapat dlm menu Yong Tau Foo masyarakat Cina.

    Inilah keindahan masyarakat majmuk, kita saling tukar-tukar resipi dan ubahsuai supaya bersesuaian dengan citarasa / tuntutan agama.

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    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    Nafas Orang Kota

    Gambar dipetik dari Flickr Kenny

    Masihkah anda ingat lagu Ukays ini dari era awal 90'an? Lagu ini merupakan lagu favourite aku di samping lagu-lagu Spring, KRU dan Ella pada masa itu. Entah mengapa, lagu ini sering bermain di fikiran sejak baru2 ni... bagi aku, lagu ini bukan sekadar lagu biasa utk hiburan tapi membawa mesej yg kuat tentang kejahilan manusia di zaman moden ini. Marilah hayati liriknya:

    Ukay's - Nafas Orang Kota

    Di pinggir lorong kota yang gemilang
    Termanggulah seorang oh musafir
    Memerhati nafas-nafas manusia
    Kelesuan kepasrahan kepenatan

    Berbisiklah sang musafir sendirian
    Oh inikah dikatakan kemodenan
    Sedangkan kejahilan masih ada
    Pada diri generasi berilmu bertamadun dan ceria

    Di lorong kota itu ada berbagai cerita
    Tentang masyarakat yang hilang punca
    Mereka berpusuan mencari apa-apa saja
    Tanpa hiraukan nasib nusa bangsa oh

    Wacana hidupmu bagaikan nista
    Disebalik cahaya ada gelapnya
    Moraliti keilmuan keimanan
    Hanya bersalut dinama melindungi kesamaran dimata

    Mengapakah kau sanggup
    Mendustai yang anarki
    Pandanglah pada alam
    Yang semakin huru hara
    Dimanakah perananmu
    Untuk pertahankan bangsa agama
    Yang semakin terbiar keranamu

    *Di lorong kota itu masih ada tetamu
    Setiap siang dan malam urusan manusia
    Maharajalela oh serabutnya
    Di lorong kota itu masih ada sendamu
    Sedang bersyair merdu terus menyusuri
    Oh fantasi ngeri sebelum nafas terhenti
    Simpangan kota ini bangkitlah engkau dari mimpi-mimpi


    Di lorong kota itu ada berbagai cerita
    Tentang masyarakat yang hilang punca
    Mereka berpusuan mencari apa-apa saja
    Tanpa hiraukan nasib nusa bangsa oh

    ulang * x2

    Gambar dipetik dari Flickr Rahemiee

    Ya, Ukays dah dapat rasakan kemerosotan moraliti 15 tahun yg lepas. Adakah kita sudah memperbaiki keadaan setelah 15 tahun berlalu? TIDAK. Lagu tetap didengar utk hiburan semata-mata. Moraliti tetap semakin merosot, macam-macam kita boleh baca di surat khabar. Tidakkah anda gerun melihat keadaan sekeliling?

    OK, cukup dgn lirik dan rintihan... ni dia 2 link yg aku jumpa semasa cari lirik lagu ni, yg pertama merupakan laman Blogger dan baru tambah entri Nafas Orang Kota pada bulan Mac lalu; yg kedua merupakan laman IMEEM, teringin nk embed dlm blog ni tapi tak reti lak heheh.

    1. MP3 P4N4S D4N H4NG4T: AMIR UKAYS - Nafas Orang Kota ~versi akustik
    2. Ukay's - Nafas Orang Kota - Free MP3 Stream on IMEEM Music ~versi slow rock (kot)

    Aku pasti ada byk lagi link2 kat luar tapi ini jer yg sempat aku cari.
    Apa-apa pun, layan je lah... dan renung-renungkan.


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    Monday, June 8, 2009

    Trip to Cameron Highlands

    My family and I visited Cameron Highlands last month. It’s kinda late for me to put this up, but I have to share it with you anyway. Hehe.

    So we started our journey pretty late (11.00am, 2 May 09) and took a short break – well, nearly an hour – at Green View Garden, about 2.00pm. It was the first stop and we went excited for finally found one decent stop in the middle of uphill, and bought some “goodies” of course.

    Bro & sis at Green View Garden

    We continue our journey and found there are still lots of places of interest along the road, but we dare not stop a while because the road was so jam that we have to move like tortoise for another 2 hours, to reach Brinchang. We were tired and starving, the night market at Brinchang entrance greets us just in time, as well as the slight rain that started to pour. We did a little night market shopping in rain and go straight to our pre-booked apartment – Carnation Park Apartment.

    Carnation Park Apartment

    Once checked in, we decided that the first thing we gonna do is – COOK! Hah, we got all the fishballs, veges, stuffed tofu’s, stuffed chillies, crab sticks, cocktail sausages, instant noodles etc. for the “Rice Cooker Steamboat”, yummeh! What could be better than steamboating in the chilling environment like Cameron Highlands?

    Kids were so excited especially when playing on the bed. Like they don’t have this kind of bed at home, heh. The rest of the night was spent with steamboat and teevee. Everyone was so tired to visit places around.

    The next day, we took our breakfast and set to go for a series of visits. But before check out, how about a group photo, eh?

    Group Photo

    After check out, the first place we headed was the Bharat Tea Plantation. We planned to visit Boh tea plantation but we choose the nearer Bharat due to time constrain. The tea plantation was so wide and refreshing… and what are we waiting for, its photo-shooting time!

    Bharat Tea Plantation

    Traffic downhill was very smooth compared to the day before; I had a chance to snap a couple of photos when sister is feeding her Toyota Unser. Next stop, the Cactus Valley. There are a few cactus valleys here but we’re not sure which ones we went, we just get into whatever places we found on the way down.

    Brinchang - Entrance of Cameron Highlands

    After the cactus valley, we visited Butterfly Farm – where not only butterflies were exhibited. It seems like one of the butterfly species (that we often seen it on stamps) breeds really well compared to other species, they are everywhere in the farm. In another section of the farm, rare reptiles and insects were exhibited.

    Cactus Valley

    Butterfly Farm

    We had enough with our visits, and the day is getting late. We go all the way down at 5.00pm to North-South expressway and stopped at Ipoh for dinner. Set at Ipoh old town, Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken (老黄芽菜鸡) seems to be a popular menu for travelers. I can’t join my family for the chicken, so I walked across the road for some food court goodies. But hey, guess what, there is bean sprout chicken rice available there too!

    It's 8.30pm after we meet up again after dinner, and we continued our journey home. It was kind of rush for this trip because of public holiday and lack of proper planning, but we do have fun travel together. Considering RM800 for the overall expenses and divided among 4 siblings, RM200 is somewhat reasonable and encouraging budget for another family trip in near future - of course, different destination.

    Apartment for 2D1N = RM400; Toll & fuel = RM100; Steamboat materials = RM80; Dried strawberries = RM12; Enhanced family relationships = PRICELESS.

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    Wednesday, May 27, 2009

    Tekken oh Tekken

    Yeah I had been addicted to Namco's Tekken for the past few years... ehem, 10 years actually. Here is how my Tekken experience starts:

    Back in the 90's when Tekken 1 first came out, it was among a few fighting games rendered in 3-D. It was like "real people fighting" at that time. Hehe. Without knowing that this game will grow really big one day, me and my friends tried it out. What the heck, with some Street Fighters II basics, we tried QCF moves, b,f moves, shinryu-ken moves and whatever worked, and found Paul Phoenix was the easiest to use, Death Fist and Shredder Kicks all the way, hahah.

    That was my earlier college days during Certificate course in a local polytech, when doing practical training at Penang. Well, play time's over, back to the college and we further our Diploma.
    As usual we visit arcades once in a while, and the grown up fighter roster and improved graphics of Tekken 2 catched our eyes. Not really playing Tekken 2 much, I guess because we're still playing Street Fighters II (oh not the original SF2, but something like SF2 Alpha or SF2 Zero or something like that). Uhm Paul's Burning DF in T2 is awesome anyway.

    It was it's 3rd instalment which made me stuck with Tekken... when I bought a Sony PlayStation and Tekken 3 was among the 30 free games bundled with the PS. I can try all the characters, learn their moves and 10-strings, multi-throws and such, but I did not noticed one of the most important element of Tekken: juggles.

    It doesn’t took me long to find out in a local arcades (Cosmic BJ) that have a Tekken machine that is very similar to Tekken 3 but added with Tekken 2 characters. I know a new version of Tekken is in the town. It was Tekken Tag Tournament, the best Tekken installment Namco had, at least for now.

    From there I learned how to juggles and most importantly, how to punish blocked/whiffed moves. Thanks to the Tekken regulars at Cosmic, it was from Tekken Tag I started to improve my Tekken skills and play Tekken to win, other than playing for fun. Until there is a new version of Tekken, Tekken 4 available, we still kept playing Tekken Tag. Ever since Tekken Tag Tournament, I started playing Tekken heavily.

    Tekken 4 was one among two other Tekken series (Tekken 1 & Tekken 2) that I played very little… it just can’t attract me although the graphics is way better than Tekken Tag (arcade type). It’s not just me but a lot of players actually prefer Tekken Tag over Tekken 4, perhaps of the wide range of characters and game play of Tekken Tag. Tekken has lost its fans tremendously since Tekken 4.

    For an instance, I thought Tekken series will die at Tekken 4. Just when I thought that, Tekken 5 came into rescue. With almost all previous Tekken characters available in one game, Tekken 5 became a hit back then.

    Other than the improved (yet again) graphics and better juggles, the most attracting point for us is the Tekken 5 arcade machine was actually a modified PS2 embedded inside, setting into arcade mode – which means player can play all day long with 1 credit, until got KO’ed by CPU or challenger, or the player exit the game. Tekken 5 was my most played Tekken game among all.

    Tekken 5 game play was unbalanced with some characters very strong and advantageous compared to other characters that is weak and disadvantageous. As a result, an arcade only upgraded version of Tekken 5 is available named Tekken 5.1, with some minor changes. Not long after that, another upgrade called Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection launched and caused another hype among Tekken fans, with 3 more new characters including the returning of Armor King. Dark Resurrection also launched for Sony PSP.

    I started Dark Resurrection pretty late and before I had enough with it (we never had enough with Tekken, in fact. Heheh!) Tekken 6 was announced. With the largest fighter roster in Tekken history, High Definition of graphics quality, new juggle system and improved game play elements, Tekken 6 is more fun to play with. But because of its cost that required 2 credits, many players cannot afford to spend double and started to hold back and played only once in a while. I was among one of them, but my passion towards Tekken kept me going.

    Compared to other players that affordable which keep playing and improved, my Tekken skills – that had never been top notch – started to fall back. Nevermind, I played Tekken for fun, right? But constantly losing to other players on a high credit cost doesn’t seems encouraging.

    Perhaps the trend being set by Dark Resurrection, soon enough for Tekken 6, an upgrade was available named Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. This arcade upgrade was also announced for PS3. With every new installment of Tekken, you can expect more guessing game on mix-ups and more damages can be done in juggles. All-time and talented players would catch up what’s new pretty easily, casual player like me would not have a chance against them, pretty darn discouraging.

    That is what’s up until now. I was still very passionate about Tekken until Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. But now, enough is enough, I have to let it go. Perhaps it was me whom couldn’t catch up anymore, perhaps it was the influence from other “retreated comrades”, perhaps it was the credits cost that hurts, perhaps it was the advice from my loved ones that I really should stop, perhaps it was about time for me to look into other more meaningful things…

    Throughout the Tekken years, I met with all kinds of people, some become friends and some become foes. Friends can discuss Tekken all day long with d/f+2; 3,3,3,4; EWGF; cd; ss kind of Tekken jargon restlessly, teh tarik at mamak stall/restaurant until 2a.m., youtubing for Tekken combo/match vids & Tekken foruming at c.c., that was the fun we had together as Tekken fans although those are meaningless in other people’s eyes, who don’t know what Tekken is all about.

    I thank you my friends, for sharing the same interest with me and went through sweet and bitter throughtout these years. Though I might leave Tekken, but I will not leave my Tekken friends. We still can have a cup of coffee together and chat about anything, even Tekken, why not?

    Until then, Goodbye Tekken.

    All Tekken logos are © Namco Bandai

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    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Ong Bak 2

    Have anyone watched this movie yet?
    If you not yet and plan to watch it, pls stop reading - or you'll get more curious to watch it. Heh!

    Though I don't know what does "Ong Bak" means, but for sure this Ong Bak 2 (OB2) is not related to the 2003 film Ong Bak (OB): The background setting of OB2 was far before modern days in OB... the story happened in like Parameswara's Malacca Kingdom era. It also do not have explainations of any relationship of the characters in both movies. So, is OB2 a sequel, or actually a prequel of OB??? If its a prequel, why name it OB2... should be "Ong Bak: Episod 1" or "Ong Bak Begins" mah. Haha!!!

    Wherever there's Tony Jaa, you can expect Muay Thai fighting scenes from him. Though he might wanted to add new things by using other fighting styles himself (chinese kenpo, japanese kenjutsu, silat etc), it would make it looked like a rojak film. Couldn't he make any new stunts from just Muay Thai itself?

    According to Tony Jaa there will be Ong Bak 3 coming up (source: Wikipedia)... God knows what will happen then.

    Personally, I still like Ong Bak and Tom Yam Goong better. Ong Bak 2 is a disappointment for me.

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    Memang mudah.

    I sold a pair of Nike court shoes which I never wear, just a day after I advertised it on mudah. I know this site before but was skeptical about it... until my friend sold his car on, making me wanna cuba nasib too - and it worked apparently, heh!

    The next thing I'm gonna sell is the SDHC card I bought last year. Mwahaha!
    (only if people wanna buy it, hehe)

    Oh, the URL is

    Macam-macam ada....

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    Here I Come!

    Hi all!
    Never thought that I will create a blog and become a 部落客 (blogger).
    Let's see how long I can remain here haha.

    Heh, apek nih, dah tua baru nak blogging... kpd yg fasih, silalah beri tunjuk ajar kt saya.

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