Saturday, October 30, 2010

Transformers - New Comers

Almost a year I haven't update about my Transformers action figures since Sideswipe at here on blogspot, sometimes I update on my facebook photo album Transformers Collection, but that was like about 11 months ago.

Stopped for a while around Q2 until Q4 2010, I spotted some fresh addition on store shelves, and continued to collect some of them. Among all, here are the latest collection:

Let me guess... Bumblebee?
Bravo! (who don't know him anyway?)

Latest addition to the crew, Battle Blade Bumblebee. Bumblebee is by far the Transformers movie figure that having most variants (redeco, retool etc). Hasbro really know how to make money out of him haha. I already have a variant named Alliance Bumblebee, but what makes me interested on this Battle Blade variant was the total resculpt of the figure, using no parts from previous release. Plus, Battle Blade Bumblebee is said to be the most "movie accurate" among all Bees.

Speaking of Transformers, who could forget Optimus Prime's Weapon Specialist and Medical Officer? Those 2 were released in Legends and Voyager classes previously, until recently they were available in Deluxe class (which means, cheaper... hehe).

Ironhide (GMC Topkick pickup truck) and Ratchet (Hummer H2 SUV)

Too bad Deluxe Ironhide doesn't have big cannons on his arms, only a small cannon on his right arm and a missile turret on his left. Ironically, Ratchet has bigger weapon - EMP blast missile launcher. These 2 also said to be very movie accurate compared to bigger-sized Voyager class, most notable on Rachet's leg: Deluxe class features slim and shaped leg while Voyager class with huge and squared legs.

There goes the Deluxe class figures... here are 3 new Legends class figures:

Top: Soundwave (Satellite);
Left: Jolt (Chevrolet Volt); Right: Arcee (Ducati 848)

I've been looking for Jolt for quite some time, and finally got him recently. Not that he's cool or something, I just wanted to complete the Legends class collection... my next target: Legends Ravage. Soundwave in robot mode looks kinda like Gundam rather than Transformers, while Arcee looks big as a motorcycle compared to Jolt. But the size is not that crucial for me anyway.

And finally, the big guy Long Haul:

Long Haul (Caterpillar 773B dump truck)

Got this Voyager class Long Haul from a hobby store in mall, with about 20% off normal price. He's the 2nd Voyager figure besides Optimus Prime. There are plenty of Voyager class figure in that store for sale but I don't know why I picked him, maybe my collection is lack of Decepticons (seriously, especially Deluxe class).

Here's a quicklist of my current collection:
Voyager class: 2
Deluxe class: 6
Legends class: 25

Autobots: 17 (Voyager 1, Deluxe 5, Legends 11)
Decepticons: 16 (Voyager 1, Deluxe 1, Legends 14)

Long Haul: "Come here boy, let me tear you down!"
Ironhide: "Ask my tiny cannon first, punkhead!"

p.s. All photos (except Legends) shot in dark room with spot... I mean torchlight (LED torchlight). Camera set to flash off and playing around with various exposure. Of course photo editing software does the best job, hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed it. :)

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

Cepatnya masa berlalu, Ramadhan yang mulia bakal menjelma lagi tahun ini. Dan tak lama selepas tu, kita akan rayakan Aidilfitri.

Ramadhan tahun ini agak lain sikit... rancangan utk tidak lagi bersahur / berbuka sorang2 tidak kesampaian huhu... Sesungguhnya kita sentiasa diuji dan diduga Allah swt.

gambar hiasan - dipetik dari pelbagai sumber

Sudahkah anda bersedia utk menyambut Bulan Ramadhan yg penuh dgn ujian kesabaran? Maklumlah pelbagai juadah dijual di pasar ramadhan, promosi2 hebat pasaraya serta tarikan bufet ramadhan restoran2 membuat air liur kita meleleh sampai ke lantai hehe... tapi berjimatlah dlm menyediakan juadah berbuka dan jgn dibawa kpd pembaziran. Selain dari menahan nafsu makan minum, pertuturan dan perbuatan kita juga kenalah jaga sama supaya pahala puasa kita tidak disia-siakan. Bukan nak mengajar tapi sekadar utk peringatan bersama ok... kadang2 kita mudah lupa heheh.


Di sini saya ingin mengucapkan kpd seluruh umat Islam:
Semoga ibadah kita diterima Allah swt... Insya'Allah.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010


廖美莲女士 Mdm. Liw May Lin
(26 Oct 1941 - 4 Aug 2010)

It is sad to inform you all that my beloved mother, Mdm. Liw May Lin, passed away at the age of 69 on Wednesday 4th August, 2010 around 6pm at Hospital Besar Taiping. She has been fighting diabetes and heart problems for last few months. She will always be remembered as a good wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Friends and relatives may pay their last respects at address below until 6th August, 2010.


Husband 夫:
Pung Yook 彭玉

Sons 儿:                             Daughter-in-law 儿媳:
Pung Teik Seng 彭德成             Mak Khoon Hoong 麦观红
Pung Teik Heng 彭德兴

Daughters 女:                     Son-in-law 女婿:
Pung Lai Meng 彭丽明             Chuah Hin Hock 蔡兴福
Pung Lai Ching 彭鏸稹             Yu Kong Yin 余根荣

Goddaughter 契女:
Loh Khai Sin 罗凯欣

Grandgaughter 内孙女:
Pung Phei Chyi 彭佩祺

Grandson 外孙男:               Granddaughter-in-law 孙媳:
Chuah Bun Ping 蔡文彬            Ooi Ai Teng 黄春婷
Chuah Boon Siong 蔡文祥

Granddaughter 外孙女:
Chuah Hui Ling 蔡荟霖
Chuah Chee Ling 蔡雪霖
Yu Jing Rou 余静柔

Great granddaughter 外曾孙:
Chuah Kai Yu 蔡楷渝

No 3, Lorong Kamunting 1,
Taman Kamunting 1,
34600 Kamunting,
Perak Darul Ridzuan

Tel 电话: 05-8056991

View Larger Map

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Think It's Yours?

This morning I parked my car on an empty parking lot in front of a hair saloon, few shop lots away from my office. Nothing seems wrong when you park your car in front of a shop (unless it's a car workshop... hehe), isn't it? But the hair saloon owner says:


So, he thinks the parking lot in front of his hair saloon belongs to him automatically? Come on man, you want the parking lot, come early and park your car there lah.

The notice was stick onto windscreen with adhesive tape. While he could just hold the notice with wipers, he chose to use adhesive tape... what an aggressive way of disapproval. I didn't confront him and ask why he does that. Perhaps he really bought / rented that parking lot from MPPP, but there is no sign that says this parking lot is reserved by him. If he really doesn't want people to park on his parking lot, by all means go ahead and barricade it... who cares.

Ironically I just visited this hair saloon last week... so I guess it's a "no next time" from me after today's incident. He may not know it was my car when he stick the notice, but doing that on other people belonging is definitely not right. Of course lah I won't tell everybody "hey don't go to this hair saloon!" (haha... really ah?) but it definitely won't be in the recommended list. Heh.

If you're curious and would like to know where is this hair saloon located, here is the location map:

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Lama aku tak kemaskini blog ni hehe. Bukannya apa... cuma... ermmm tapi kan, perlukah aku menerangkan kpd hangpa pasai pa lama aku tak kemaskini? Tak perlu kan? Hehe... jadi aku pun taknak terangkan lah. (malaihhh)

Kelmarin dulu terbelek akhbar tempatan Harian Metro kat tempat awam (maksudnya bukan lah aku yg beli heheh) dan iklan penuh 2 mukasurat memeranjatkan aku - 2 mukasurat penuh dgn iklan2 menyemak keputusan 4D.

Mak aih... mungkin aku tak banyak membaca akhbar Melayu tapi tak sangka sungguh aku iklan sebegini ada di dlm akhbar yg pembacanya kebanyakan orang Melayu... kalau akhbar Bahasa Cina / Inggeris / Tamil biasalah iklan sebegini ada. Kalau iklan judi depa terima, tak hairan lah iklan minuman Root Beer pun depa terima pada masa akan datang... ngeh ngeh ngeh jgn marah gurau jer.

Mungkin ini keprihatinan pihak penerbit akhbar dlm menyahut pesanan pemimpin kita: 

Rakyat didahulukan utk menyemak keputusan 4D.

ahaks...... ciao

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy CNY - 新年快乐

Wishing all my friends

Haris @ 德兴

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday

 *  *
* * Happy Birthday * *

3rd Feb 2010: Birth date of my special one... Enter my life after I waited for a long 1½ month. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this special one, and finally we met on earlier today (3rd Feb).
 (Myviku - updated 4th Feb)

Also, today is the birth date of another special one... Enter my life unexpectedly after I waited for quite some time. Perhaps it's fated that we met over the unexpected time and place...

(sorry no pix for this special one heheh!)

OK I started to sounds weird. Better stop rambling.

2010 is a fresh new year for me, many things has changed. I wanted to start life anew and hope everything gets better and better. Wish me luck my friends.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Mr. Potato

Without my notice (until now), today I consumed more potatoes than I usually did:

Lunch: Mixed rice at Malay food stall
Potato Content: Few pieces of curry potatoes & 1 piece of Bergedil (potato patties)

Bergedil (Potato Patties) taken from Resipi Diana

Dinner: Tower X Meal at KFC
Potato Content: Fun fries & Hash brown inside Zinger Tower

Tower X Meal

I don't know if the meals above hit the carbohydrate intake limit (if it exists) for today, but potato is always my choice of food, and junk food. Oh, I might as well grab a Mister Potato chips on my way back to make it... more POTATO, huh? Heheh.

Nevertheless, being called / nicknamed POTATO in Chinese is not something to be proud of, as it means dumb / idiot. Speaking of which, I do feel pretty dumb lately... hmmmm, I wonder.

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